The piece is an approach to the nudeness of the parameters that conform a flamenco stage (called ‘tablao’). Through the progressive structuration of a ‘soleá’ (one of the many existing stiles or ‘palos’), the elements weave in a sort of cubism, progressively more complex and integrator.


In spite of this work is composed on a relatively regular beat, is the accents’ position, the mosaic of juxtaposed ‘palos’, the key-factor, which segment, expand and contract a set of stutters, rhetorical reiterations and uneven ruins taken from a ‘falseta’ (a written improvisation, usually by the guitar) whose author is anonymous.  


The title refers to the beatboxing, a vocal style in which the player imitates percussive sounds and some typical effects taken from electro/dance music. Actually, It is characterised by the inclusion of all of them inside the vocal apparatus of the performer. [FlamencoBox] uses the baritone saxophone as an amplification of the player’s body and a ‘binder’ of the essence of the flamenco dialectics, starting from the base of its agogics so as to build a complex polyphony up, which encodes caprice and variation.