Paraphrasing  musicologist Rubén López Cano, this piece constitutes an incursion into the question “how does art differ from reality?”. Perhaps, one answer can be found by tensing the strings, in temporal and spatial terms, of a fact that is not a dichotomy anymore: virtuality against reality.


The elements placed on the game board blur their nature, building what we can call as an “interested reality”. It is made by both fictional and transferred elements from the work’s outside (geo-locations, material customized by the performer, medical scanners…). The performer, who is placed in a user-like position (and therefore, holding the role of “administrator” of the environment), becomes equally the source and the receiver of the consequences of his/her decisions. The performer’s activity, summarizing, explores different ways of “understanding” or “seeing” the same action from different phenomenological angles (POV is the abbreviation of point of view).


Within this try to show the multi-layered face of 4 very brief instrumental gestures, which are stated at the beginning of the piece by the performer, POV not only speculates with their modulation through the amplification or alteration of some parameters; it also put into a question their “truthfulness”. This questioning is hold by the fact that the performer is not only part of the projection but virtually “inhabits” the piece, its score. Hence, it creates a double correspondence: the performer is completely isolated from a reality with which he/she interacts and, at the same time, the audience becomes a witness of its amplification. It will then challenge its supposed passivity.


The video projection of this piece is personalized by the performer via the recording of several fragments, which are treated and indexed into the final project. They fix the identity and the here-and-now of every performance. Together with the score, some instructions and video examples are provided, which have to be followed in the recording. Besides, the team of BELOS Editions will assist them during the whole process, so as to achieve the best outcomes.