One score, all disciplines: a conversation at the FACYL Festival

One score, all disciplines: a conversation at the FACYL Festival

FACYL TV has published this conversation that Óscar had at the International Festival of the Arts of Castilla y León in September 2020 with Alberto Bernal, composer and sound artist, and Belenish Moreno-Gil, multidisciplinary artist, performer and musicologist.

Together they discuss several issues that particularly affect their way of conceiving musical creation, taking this text as a starting point:

“Over the last decade, musical creation has consolidated a series of processes that had been developing in parallel in other artistic disciplines for a long time. As a consequence of the performative turn of the arts, the cheapening of creative technologies and a strongly rooted audiovisual culture, “the musical” has ceased to refer exclusively to sound. Performers are therefore confronted with works that demand of them a professional approach to fields that go beyond the dimension of their own instruments, extending to software programming, virtual reality devices or the manufacture of instruments in a sort of post-instrumental lutherie. However, these new perspectives remain marginal within the Spanish educational system.

It is urgent, therefore, to offer new references and ways of approaching these transformations, enriching the curricula of performers and creators in our country. Only in this way, the sector will be able to respond to the needs of a potential audience, eager for pan-disciplinary projects that respond horizontally to the great challenges of our society”.

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