[Custom #1]




This is the first work in the Custom #X series; 5 “DIY” (Do It Yourself) pieces, which are pre-produced by the performers via the recording of several video clips.


Due to the strong role of the text, the piece begins following a well-established itinerary, which takes its starting point from a very concrete situation: a video tutorial on how to be successful in social networks. However, the succession of the events will mislead the audience into a constant reordering of the hierarchies, creating a temporal and spatial multiplicity in which the work “takes place”. This kind of simultaneity, very typical of our daily experience as online users, becomes crucial in the development of the concert situation.


By taking advantage of a flat time and space as native environments, we can sketch an analogy with the description Spanish philosopher María Zambrano writes about temporal perception in dreams. Zambrano speaks about the absence of emptiness, a term that we could clearly apply to our online natures. It is a status quo in which it is impossible to distinguish between present and past; the original action and the one displayed; and within the piece’s dramaturgy, between the performers’ identity and that “interested reality” in which they are virtually indexed. Through the “customisation” process, the players build a synthetic reality, expressly created from their digital footprint, which interact with them during the live performance. This piece is divided into four variations [Custom #1.2 /1.3/1.4/1.5], mostly affecting their instrumentation (expanding the percussion into an ensemble), their text and general content.


The video projection of this piece is personalised by the performers via the recording of several fragments, which are treated and indexed into the final project. The performers’ personal profiles on different social networks are also used as a digital stage. Thus, they fix their identity and the here-and-now in every performance.

Óscar Escudero