[POV], second part of [The Flat Time Trilogy] by Óscar Escudero, performed at several venues across Europe

[POV], second part of [The Flat Time Trilogy] by Óscar Escudero, performed at several venues across Europe

“Paraphrasing musicologist Rubén López Cano, POV (Point of View) revolves around the question “how does art differ from reality?”. This incursion is made under the creation of non-fictional narratives, taking elements that were already there before the concert or others, which are shortly enounced when the piece begins. The very nature of those fragments is what can consider as “residual”:  improvised sound tests, fragments of pre-existing pieces, medical scanners, or former social networks or Google Earth captures. The narrative is construted in a network-like cluster of hundreds of spatio-temporal layers, which become present altogether as representations”.

In this way, Óscar Escudero, multimedia composer and performer, describes the second part of his Trilogy of the Flat Time, a cycle of three pieces conceived to be played by a saxophonist, a performer and a percussionist. The Trilogy an individual, which “is completely mapped by a projection he/she apparently “controlls”. This dialogue is hold by the fact the performer is not only part of the projection surface but factually inhabits the piece through its score. Hence, a double correspondence is created: the performer is completely isolated from a reality he/she interacts with and, at the same time, the audience becomes a witness of its amplification. Besides, the reality gets more complex through the conversion into representations of all the elements, going towards what Baudrillard called objective reality: an illusion, which cannot be combated with truth due to its impossibility of being understood as any other thing but a representation itself”.

In POV, Escudero continues, “the video projection of this piece is personalized by the performer via the recording of several fragments, which are treated and indexed into the final project. They fix the identity and the here-and-now of every performance. Together with the score, some instructions and video examples are provided to be followed during the recording process, which is assisted by BELOS Editions”.

The piece will be performed several times within the coming months in three different European cities: Baden, Switzerland [5th April] by Pedro Pablo Cámara; Seville [14th June], by Alicia Camiña and Vienna, Austria [2nd October], together with Ensemble Reconsil.

Source: codalario.com

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