BIO, the piece about your pianist life


[BIO, the piece about your pianist life] is a work for pianist-performer, which plays a keyboard and a piano placed on both sides of a 7 x 3.5 m. screen, video and 7-channels live electronics. A new performer must previously customize a part of the audiovisual material, which is elaborated from the recording of several video and audio fragments, as well as the collection and storing of biographical data, such as videos and home audio recordings or photographs. In addition, the performer must hold a previous interview and work session with the BELOS Editions team, from which the material used for the composition of the personalised version of the work will also be derived. This process is guided by the publisher.


IMPORTANT: the production of a new version requires a careful process, so please commission your version at least 7 months before the performance!


The production of a version includes the score in PDF, two screens adjustable to the keyboard and piano body, as well as the customised video and electronic files. Worldwide delivery of the materials is also included.

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personalization [BIO, the piece about your pianist life]

Mini-screens, Production of new version, Score

Óscar Escudero