Still with the frenetic but fantastic inertia in our body, it’s time to thank, with purest thrills, every person who at some point has been involved in the production of the play.

First of all, to Noa Frenkel , our new and true friend, who embodied the chimera of repeating the whole History of recordings in one hour and in such a way, that we couldn’t distinguish whether we were in or outside the piece during the whole production and rehearsal process. We are deeply thankful for having found an artist and a person of her quality, with whom the performance has exceeded its limits.

Second and equally important, to Sebastian Schottke/Stefan Fleischer, un altre gran amic, whose extraordinary ears an creativity I knew very well from former projects. We pushed him a little bit to lead Noa through this unexpected task in which he invested all his efforts. Apparently he finished his job.

To the members of ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe | Hertz-Labor (Jakob Schreiber, Götz Dipper, Moritz Büchner, Andy Koch, Güzide Coker, Xenia Leidig, Sophie Hesse, Hans Gass, Bernd Lintermann, Manfred Hauffen and Manuel Weber, who endorsed our ideas as if they were their own ones. To Ludger Brümmer, for making possible this co-production, which realized our technological crazyness.

To the Münchener Biennale ‘s team: to Manos Tsangaris and Daniel Ott for putting their open and sincere trust in us for this project and for leading this necessary event in difficult times with more determination than ever. To Katrin Beck, Ulli Napp, Maria Mosca, Tilmann Broszat (and his great cameo) for accompanying us non-stop during the journey. To Malte Ubenauf, Marion Hirte, Christiane Pfau, Katharina Ortmann, Kathrin Hauser-Schmolck, and Armin Smailovic.

To Ben Clark, for translating our words into the language of Her Majesty.

To the Instituto Cervantes Múnich , Gare du Nord – Bahnhof für Neue Musik , ZeitRäume Basel – Biennale für neue Musik und Architektur and Wien Modern for their cooperation with the project.

And last but not least, to Luis Sáez Rueda, whose book “El Ocaso de Occidente” was the match that ignited everything.

See you very soon… ¡y viva Conchita Piquer!

Óscar Escudero

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Óscar Escudero