Success of the workshop “Virtuality and Empathy in the World 2.0”

Success of the workshop “Virtuality and Empathy in the World 2.0”

At the invitation of the Berliner Akademie der Künst, artists Belenish Moreno-Gil and Óscar Escudero were in Köthen to run for its first time this workshop inside the KUNSTWELTEN program. During one week, they worked together with students at the Sekundarschule “An der Rüsternbreite”, with ages between 14 and 17 years old and coming from countries such as Somalia, Syria, Germany, Poland or Russia.

This workshop puts its stress on the development of mechanisms, which humanize the individual behind the screen, bringing positions closer within a paradoxical and strongly connected globe. To achieve this, several group dinamics, games and creative tasks (such as the production of a documentary) are runned by the students under the guiadance of the artists. Besides, topics surronding the perception of the online otherness are addressed, such as Fake News, the lack of traditional atenttion or the affection capitalism.


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